King Pearls

A Pearl Designed For A King

I began to carve pearls over 10 years ago. It was an act creativity, a conscious decision to take one of nature’s most beautiful gems and carve it, touching each with the hand of the artist.

It was a revolutionary act. Not everyone was happy with what I did—especially those people who liked things done the way they’ve always been done. I treat each pearl like a canvas or a piece of clay and set out to create something bold, something beautiful, something unique. I believe I have accomplished this with our new “King Pearl” Collection.

Inside of every one of us is the desire to be free to act, to be free to think, love and express ourselves. For me, the act of carving a pearl is about more than just creating a beautiful piece of jewelry. It is about unleashing the creative spirit and, in doing so, creating a symbol of originality and individualism.

Galatea King Pearls are made for those of us who are not afraid, as Joseph Campbell once wrote, “to stand before the forest and enter the darkest place.”

Wear these beautiful pearls in the spirit of love, creativity and harmony with which they were created. And enjoy….

Chi Galatea Huynh

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