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About Us

     I’m Bill.  I’m the founder, president, and creative director of Jewelry & Timepiece Mechanix as well as director of repair and restoration for Ye Olde Timekeepers.  My entry into the Jewelry and Watch business was as a boy under the mentorship of my late father – Jack B. Green.
Dad was a speech and hearing specialist, who had spent much of his entrepreneurial life running various retail businesses. In the early 1970’s my family began traveling to the various reservations of the southwestern U.S. and trading with Native American craftspeople as a supplement to the income my parents received as educators during the 9 months of the school year.  I had my first taste of bench work with silver, turquoise, various gems, and organic materials working with some of the most talented Native artisans of their time. Later I honed my craft as I studied at the Miami Jewelry Institute, GIA, and apprenticed under some other really terrific talents. For many years Dad and I ran a chain of stores in the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys called Jack of Diamonds Jewelers.  Unfortunately Dad (Jack) passed away in 1987. The next several years were difficult.  After a short break I decided to restart with a new venture…
     In the early 1990’s I found a little vacant shop in Historic Haddonfield, NJ, named it Jewelry & Timepiece Mechanix and the rest is, well – History. Somewhere around 2000 the shop outgrew our old space and moved to a larger location on Kings Highway East. In May 2011, I moved once again, to an even larger location in King's Court, right in the heart of downtown Haddonfield (16 Ellis Street, to be exact). We carry a terrific selection of fine jewelry, fantastic watches, and cool gift-ware. If you’re looking for ordinary … don’t come to my shop. There are all kinds of interesting things to look at and buy. The back walls (known as the rock n roll lounge) may be decorated with the glorious mementos of my misspent youth – in the music biz…  I have done and continue to do a fair amount of work for entertainers like: Stevie Nicks, John Jorgenson (Hellecasters, Elton John Band, John Jorgenson), Martha Flynn (SAG/AFTRA), the late Bill Cunningham (Phila. Sports legend), Cuba Gooding, Sr., Cheryl Elias (radio personality), Davey Johnstone (Elton John Band), Sheryl Crow, Erik Cartwright (Foghat, Allmans, Johnny Lang), The Philadelphia Flyers (and management of the Maine Mariners) Danny Briere and his lovely wife Misha and Ian "Lappy" Laperriere and Magali.
     In late 2018, after years of doing independent work for Ye Olde Timekeepers I became their sole restoration and repair center.   Ye Olde Timekeepers inc is a family owned firm which has focused on the acquisition of exotic watches & jewels since 1978 and has been one of the largest distribution supply companies in the world.   They supply luxurious items exclusively to major auction houses, collectors, museums, and vintage salons. Ye Olde Timekeepers, Inc. has consigned some of the most important watches & jewels to hit the market in every vintage, market place, and genre of timepiece for over 40 years.
As a craftsperson, restorateur, and entrepreneur I have a great appreciation for the individual artisan and for the various crafts that they have perfected. For many years I have been seeking artists and artisans and assembling them into a  team of incredibly skilled individuals who help me to repair the impossible and create the timeless. I am always on the search for rare and special talent and supplies of rare and obsolete parts and materials for them to utilize. As a team these people represent the very best of their individual specialties and with the relationships that created as a team we can take on difficult, if not impossible and multi-faceted restorations to restore ”impossible” jobs to once again delight the senses.    
     I’m so proud to honestly say that my shop is a rarity.   In fact, Jewelry & Timepiece Mechanix is one of only a handful of shops in the world that actually designs and makes our own jewelry and watches.  Local customers love to stop in and kibitz and we’ve got some pretty active phone lines for those who are farther away. When I, Tom Fried (our master watchmaker) or my staff aren’t busy selling, designing, making or fixing something we can usually be found sharing something breathtakingly interesting or telling jokes and sharing smiles with our clientele. Our clients may start out as customers but most of them become family.  We design, repair and restore all types of new and vintage jewelry and watches. Everything from Costume to Cartier and from Timex to Rolex.  When you come it's paramount  that you can receive these three (3) things  SERVICE-SERVICE-SERVICE
If you have need for our expertise, advice, or services, please, contact the shop. It is our extreme privilege to make YOUR dreams come true?